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STRINGO, originating from a Latin word star, is a high-quality project linked with a unique product, with its design being a subject under a protection of an industrial ownership. STRINGO is exclusive and ready to meet up-to-date requirements. It consists of an adjustment into which is possible to install various motives based on your imagination and creativity. This will turn your boring space into luxurious decoration.
You can choose whether to buy or rent motives introduced in the premium zone of our catalogue.

Lighting of the module with the possibility to choose from different colours and effects creates an aesthetical experience at night, as well.
Power for charging of the lighting can be provided by solar panels, too.
We offer you specific modules adjustable with your individual ideas.
There is the choice of buying or renting motives introduced in the premium zone of our catalogue.

What is STRINGO?

STRINGO is a stainless steel module, consisting of highly polished stainless steel metal sheet, which is easy to maintain.

Inside, there are stainless steel rods, which help to stabilize some motives or function as a support for green wall plants.

A thin and elegant Plexiglas can protect the module against external influences.

stringo roklina


A barrier fully made of highly polished stainless steel with sufficient thickness. It protects the horizontal area of the wall against weathering while looking elegant with minimal effort.
A luminous barrier fully made of highly polished stainless steel. Apart from protecting the wall against weathering with elegant look, this model contains a bottom illuminating line.
A luminous barrier fully made of highly polished stainless steel is based on Premium model. It is improved by side line of light, with an option to select the angle of light reflection. This module not only offers exclusive view but also promises to keep the conditions of the investor.

stringo s rampou

Light intensity control

You can set various light effects and levels of light intensity according to your actual mood and needs by remote control.


You can control it remotely via smartphone or app. For more challenging projects, it is possible to control it by artificial intelligence.


Aesthetical experience is completed by optional setting of wide range of colours, their blending and therefore the creation of unlimited number of sceneries.

Twilight sensor

Twilight sensor automatically turns on or off the lighting according to the intensity of light in the area, in order to save the environment.

You can find all design motives in the Exclusive content.

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