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This motive consists of hand-molten glass and a bark of tree from Slovak forests. The combination of glass and bark symbolizes flowing lava on a dry land.

Broken heart

Interior / Exterior

250-year-old pear linked to epoxy resin. That is how long it has been on Earth and even its heart broke, it has been still spreading beauty.



The motive is created by colourful glass melted at 820°C. It is supposed to represent abstract piece of art and it is made-to-order – therefore it is unique.

Old forest

Interior / Exterior

Natural motive, which allows you to enjoy the view of bark from Slovak tree and lets you bring home the pleasant feeling you have when you are in nature.


Interior / Exterior

STRINGO / from Latin – star / - “Future is in space”. This designer piece charges from the environment during day and glows mild lighting energy in the evening in the dark. The company is a holder of a certificate of its authenticity.

Rain forest

Interior / Exterior

250-year-old wood combined with resin. It symbolizes floating wood on opaque water of Amazon river.

Emotional service

You can borrow or buy interior accessories to chosen motives from Premium edition, which create perfect aesthetic harmony.

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